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Mostra BO: #39 June

Ana Toledo - Jun 03 2016

(Leia em Português)

The cover art for this edition was produced by Luís Felipe Camargo for the Mostra BO, project developed by the Brasil Observer in partnership with Pigment and with institutional support from the Embassy of Brazil in London. Each of the 11 editions of this newspaper in 2016 is featuring an art on its cover produced by Brazilian artists selected through open call. In December, all the works with be exhibited at the Embassy’s Sala Brasil.

Luís Felipe Camargo


Luis Felipe Camargo, known as Fepe Camargo, was born in São Paulo in 1985. Graduated in Fine Arts in 2006, Fepe began his career working as a designer of fabrics prints, illustrating books and magazines, and also as a graphic designer. Taking experimentation as an important part of his creative process, he has worked with ceramics, painting, sculpture, all attached with the drawing practice and the study of the human form. After many exhibitions in Brazil and Europe, now lives in Spain, in search of new opportunities for the expression and evolution of his art. He is currently part of the collective Brazil>World Cocoon Collective.




Mug of the Month

Like what you see? Support the project and the artists taking part at MOSTRA BO 2016 acquiring the Mug of the Month – high quality product specially designed with Brazilian art! All readers that complete the full collection of 11 artworks by the end of the year will receive a special gift from Brasil Observer team.



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