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Mostra BO: #44 November

Brasil Observer - Dec 05 2016

(Leia em Português)


The cover art for this edition was produced by Rafael Murayama for the Mostra BO project developed by the Brasil Observer in partnership with Pigment and with institutional support from the Embassy of Brazil. Each of the 11 editions of this newspaper in 2016 is featuring art on its cover produced by Brazilian artists selected through open call. In December, all of the pieces will be displayed at the Embassy’s Sala Brasil exhibition.

Rafael Murayama


Using the Brazilian culture as a reference for the production of his work, Rafael Murayama deals mainly with the relationship between social classes and striking cultural characters associated with the author’s subconscious imagination, transforming the works of everyday descriptions into dream fantasies of provocative character.

To develop his work, art history references come in a second time. Names such as Francis Bacon, Baskiat, Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollock and Rene Magri are part of his imagistic references.