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Mostra BO: #42 September

Brasil Observer - Dec 05 2016

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The cover art for this edition was produced by Izolag Armeidah for the Mostra BO project developed by the Brasil Observer in partnership with Pigment and with institutional support from the Embassy of Brazil. Each of the 11 editions of this newspaper in 2016 is featuring art on its cover produced by Brazilian artists selected through open call. In December, all of the pieces will be displayed at the Embassy’s Sala Brasil exhibition.

Izolag Armeidah |


Born in Rio de Janeiro in 1983, Izolag moved to Itacaré (Bahia) when he was 7 years old. In 2003 he started to study Fine Arts in Salvador, at the Federal University of Bahia. During the course Izolag began painting murals on the streets of Salvador, but soon turned his production to the development of the stencil technique. At this time, Izolag stood out with the development of stencil with multiple colours. Old papers, leather, wood, canvas, brushes, markers, carcasses from different sources, a lot of ink and various techniques that go far beyond the stencil; these are the raw material mostly used by the artist to achieve his goals. Blending past, present and future, beyond the themes that portray social commitment, his paintings have strong influences from music, the atmosphere that refers to the movement of the music, rhythms and forms.