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Mostra BO: #36 March

Ana Toledo - Mar 02 2016

(Leia em Português)

The cover art for this edition was produced by Rodrigo Cardoso for the Mostra BO, project developed by the Brasil Observer in partnership with Pigment and with institutional support from the Embassy of Brazil in London. Each of the 11 editions of this newspaper in 2016 is featuring an art on its cover produced by Brazilian artists selected through open call. In December, all the works with be exhibited at the Embassy’s Sala Brasil.

Rodrigo Cardoso


Artista do mês

Photo by Eric Oliveira –

Rodrigo Cardoso (29 years old), self-taught, found his means of expression through urban art. He is a pioneer in the street art of Chapecó, in Brazil’s southern state of Santa Catarina, and since 2003 has been participating in exhibitions and projects beyond the boundaries his home-town. His work and style are focused on street culture, with everyday life, surrealism and his two sons his main sources of inspiration. His techniques go far beyond spray-painting, not limited only to the walls, looking for new materials, techniques and colours. His creations have proportion, balance and technique. From the walls to the canvas and from the canvas to mosaics built with scrap wood, Digo, as he is known, mixes, creates and innovates. His idea of art revolves around the ability to make people get inspired. And his interest to evolve goes beyond galleries.


Mug of the Month

Like what you see? Support the project and the artists taking part at MOSTRA BO 2016 acquiring the Mug of the Month – high quality product specially designed with Brazilian art! All readers that complete the full collection of 11 artworks by the end of the year will receive a special gift from Brasil Observer team.


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