New play by Brazilian playwright Jô Bilac debuts in London

Brasil Observer - Jan 09 2017
Photo: Ramiro Silveira

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The Anglo-Brazilian theatre company Dende Collective presents the European premiere of a new play by the most prized Brazilian writer of the moment at The Courtyard Theatre in Shoreditch, London. Jô Bilac’s ‘Turmoil’, directed by André Pink, arrives in the UK for five evenings: 17 to 21 January.

Set in a Jane Austenesque South-American world, this surreal tragicomedy sees lust and sibling love between Vladine and Matias bring turmoil to the latter’s marriage with the beautiful Bianca.

Vladine has come to live with her brother due to a fatal disease and the mysterious death of her husband, and has brought her beloved Nataniel, a blind goat, with her. Bianca’s devotion to her husband is tested by his sister’s absurd demands and Matias’ growing attachment to the goat, which soon becomes Bianca’s number one enemy.

‘Turmoil’ seems like a period play, but it is not: the writing mixes melodrama and nineteenth century literature clichés with contemporary elements that remind us of Lorca, Theatre of the Absurd and Surrealism.

Dende Collective created a show which echoes the fabric of the text: the costumes look period, but were made out of contemporary garments.

The music played live flirts with Flamenco. Expect an energetic and stylized production performed by an
international cast featuring flamenco, melodrama acting, acrobatics, samba, belly dance and, obviously, a tap dancing goat.


Foto: Ramiro Silveira

Photo: Ramiro Silveira

When: 17 – 21 January (8.45pm)

Where: The Courtyard Theatre (40 Pitfield St, London N1 6EU)

Entrance: £10