Brasil Observer presents ‘Mostra 2016’, a showcase of Brazilian artists

Brasil Observer - Dec 05 2016

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The Brasil Observer team proudly presents the exhibition ‘MOSTRA 2016: Brazilian Designers Translating News into Powerful Images’, at the Embassy of Brazil in London.

This showcase was born from the understanding that the front page of a newspaper plays an essential role in driving attention towards its content – and that it should be considered as a poster, as stated by the Polish designer Jacek Utko. Our aim is to explore the relationship between art and journalism to improve the reader’s perception and imagination.

Born in November 2013 to bring together the Brazilian community and English readers living in London, the Brasil Observer is a monthly, bilingual newspaper with a bold ambition: understand Brazil through a global perspective.

In 2016, its team, along with 11 Brazilian artists selected in a public call, co-created the artworks that were printed in the monthly editions of this newspaper. Using different techniques, each artist represented in images the journalistic content that was being expressed in words, creating an aesthetic and emotional experience for the reader.

“Art and journalism have the mission of narrating history in a more humane way. Not that fantasy does not have its charm, but nowadays, when our reality is confused with a new world order, we have the important mission of telling our daily life without makeup,” says Izolag, one of the selected artists.

For Rodrigo Cardoso, “more than just informing, art and journalism absorb, interpret, give meaning… And then they put the information to the public to draw their own conclusions and interpretations.”

In the process of choosing and briefing the 11 artists the Brasil Observer had the essential contribution from the Cultural Section of the Embassy of Brazil in London and Pigment – a collective based in the UK specialized in representing emerging Brazilian artists in Europe.

“By means of showcasing the cutting edge of Brazilian urban art, the Brasil Observer succeeds in conveying the intricacy and plurality of the country’s contemporaneity. The cultural verve of this informative and analytical periodical sparks curiosity and interest in the Brazilian state of affairs. By providing artists with such an opportunity to be observed and appreciated, the Brasil Observer contributes a great service to the promotion of Brazilian culture in the United Kingdom,” says Hayle Gadelha, Cultural Attaché of the Embassy of Brazil in London.

We welcome you to the ‘MOSTRA 2016’ and hope to get you inspired by the original works of these 11 Brazilian artists.

When: 16 – 30 Dec (10am – 6pm)

Where: Embassy of Brazil (14-16 Cockspur Street, London SW1Y 5BL)

Entrance: Free