A piece of land lost at sea

brasilobserver - Aug 21 2015
ponte hercilio luz
Hercilio Luz Bridge (Photo: Visit Brasil)

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Local friends and people who love Florianopolis give their tips to enjoy this paradise in southern Brazil


By Ana Beatriz Freccia Rosa

“Um pedacinho de terra perdido no mar”, or “A piece of land lost at sea”, says the song ‘Rancho de Amor à Ilha’, composed by Claudio Alvim Barbosa, the official anthem of Florianopolis, capital of Brazil’s southern state of Santa Catarina, one of the greatest Brazilian beauties. In this place close to the sea at the foot of a hill, the pioneer Francisco Dias Velho founded the Village Nossa Senhora do Desterro, where the Square XV de Novembro is, in the central region. From there Florianopolis began to expand, with its small streets bordering the beach. The Figueira, a century-old tree, is one of the main places to visit – and according to some if you walk around it several times it can bring you marriage and fortune.

This paradise in the south of Brazil is one of the most internationally known Brazilian cities, either by beautiful women parading in bikinis during the summer or the beautiful landscapes, which makes the city considered perfect for those who enjoy being close to nature.

If you have plans to travel to Brazil, know that Floripa – as it is called – is not on the main routes. But, located just 45 minutes from Sao Paulo by plane it’s the perfect city for those who do not have much time: on a weekend you can traverse the entire island and leave in love with its people, its 42 beaches and its natural beauty.

By car, you can easily access the main attractions of all areas of the city, as well as the mainland, once the other side of the bridge is still considered Florianopolis. Two bridges make the island-continent connection and the historical Hercilio Luz Bridge, without access to cars or pedestrians anymore, it is one of the main Floripa’s postcards.

Florianopolis is a city for everyone, because it offers great food, beautiful scenery, and beaches for all tastes, culture, arts, nature, sports and more. Today, Florianopolis is responsible for 70% of production of oysters in the country and about 5,000 people make their living with the creation of shellfish in the south of the island. Floripa’s excellent cuisine was named World Heritage by UNESCO.

Dream of consumption and life of almost all Brazilians, Floripa is my hometown and even living for five years abroad, I do not get tired of hearing good and interesting things that come out every time over the city. But, as I am in love with the island, I asked for local friends and those passionate about the city like me to give their best tips. And even as a heavenly place, please note: Florianopolis has four very distinct seasons, so it’s good to take care when packing! If your travel is between the months of May and October, in addition to the swimwear you need to take a scarf. Now enjoy the tips and good trip!


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“Jurerê is a must: it is the only district of Brazil which has no walls, and without being a gated community! There has Donna and 300 restaurants which are great. Taste the pizza at Lorenzo’s, spend Sunday in Ribeirao and taste the delicious oysters in Ostramadus. Go to Campeche Island and dance on The Roof. Finnish the weekend in one of the great restaurants of Beira Mar Avenue”Luiz Augusto


“My favourite place is the Daniela Beach: clear water and calm sea. I love the car keepers that leave water bottles behind the vehicles for cleaning feet”Rubia Guedes


“Have lunch at the restaurant Casa Do Chico, enjoy Matadeiro Beach and the trail to Ponta das Aranhas, through the Costão do Santinho are my tips for those who come to visit the island”Raquel Lima


“A great options for families with children are wandering around the Lagoon of Conceição and have lunch at Barracuda (best children’s area). I also suggest Lorenzo’s pizza, the Daniela Beach, Horto Florestal and the Tamar Project”Patricia Tabalipa


“I love and worth knowing: 1) Travessa Ratcliff, especially on Saturdays, for a small market street in Tiradentes and you can have a beer in Mad Kelt; 2) Watch some play or concert at Alvaro de Carvalho Theatre; 3) It is not in Florianopolis, but in Sao Jose, on the second Sunday of every month, there’s a fair in Old Town Square, with different foods and always a thematic presentation; 4) Ribeirao da Ilha to stroll and linger in the square”Rodrigo Santiago


“I love the Naufragados Beach, which comes after a wonderful trail, with exuberant nature. I also like Mozambique Beach: cold water, high surf and high spirits. Last year, I went around the island and saw the Arvoredo Island, beautiful, with unique sea life, wonderful place to take a dip! Another wonderful trail begins on the road to Joaquina Beach and leaves you on Gravata Beach, very beautiful. Restaurants: Japex, Floripa and Itaguaçu”Cleiane Steinbach



Apino Turismo (www.apino.com.br) creates the script that you want: luxury, adventure, family, honeymoon or a mixture of all you want to do on the island or to the coastal cities in other parts of the state of Santa Catarina. If you like to explore new places and feel like a local, contact Floripa Walking Tour on Facebook and know the city on foot.