São Paulo turns London for a day in honour of Brazilian companies

brasilobserver - Aug 17 2015

(Leia em Português)


On 11 August, the British Diplomatic Mission in Brazil recreated the British capital during the event “Brasileiras Globais”, or “Global Brazilians”. The celebration took place with the participation of Brazilian companies doing business in the UK, and 18 of them were honoured by the British Ambassador in Brazil, Alex Ellis.

The honourees are companies that were internationalized or expanded their pre-existing business in the UK in 2014. They were: Grendene, BTG Pactual, Intelipark, Code Hub, Alcor, Santosocial, Bacco, Toys Talk, ISPM, Banco Votorantim, Bliive, Banco Bradesco, BR101 Sports, Up Trade, Marfrig, G4 Americas, DirijaJa! and Grupo Tristão.