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Are you considering doing business in Brazil?

suriana - Sep 03 2014

Suriana is a marketing and business development consultancy with a focus on international projects.

Our company was born from the realisation that many Brazilian entrepreneurs felt (and feel, even today) the need for strategic resources in their international expansion processes. The Brazilian economy remained quite isolated from the rest of the world until the early 90s and with this, few companies had experience or team specialised in conducting international transactions.

On the other hand, we have always believed that Brazil has quality products, original creations and unique materials which give their companies an interesting potential for internationalisation. And where there are resources not yet properly explored, there are opportunities.

Therefore Suriana was born in 2002.

During the first five years of our history, focus was 100% on the internationalisation of Brazilian firms with cases in various industries, such as cosmetics, furniture, fashion, food and beverage, home furnishings and shoes. One of the biggest obstacles in our work has been working with our customers on the notion of long-term projects. We know that companies face pressure in the short-term for revenues and growth. At the same time, the process of introducing and  positioning a brand in a new market takes time and investment and there are no guarantee of return in the short term. Thus, we always emphasise the need for long-term planning before clients invest the first dime in a new  internationalisation process.

From 2007, we started to perceive  a greater interest in the Brazilian market by foreign companies. With the achievement of economic stability, more Brazilians now have access to various categories of products and services and, in general, the country as a whole has become a more fertile ground for the introduction of new concepts and brands. Since then, Suriana has also worked with foreign clients based in different parts of the world which decided to introduce their products or services in the Brazilian market. Brazil still presents challenging aspects for companies who settle there, as a high degree of bureaucracy and a heavy tax burden, but overall, it is a very interesting market for several concepts from abroad and as a matter of fact Brazilians have a lot of curiosity about and interest in learning about other parts of the world and experience aspects of other cultures.

We exist to help identify opportunities and to build new business relationships. Our greatest satisfaction is to reach the effective implementation of new
businesses through planned and well structured processes. Finally, it is worth mentioning that one of the differentials in our practice is that we seek to work both on planning and on the implementation of projects.
Our mentality is that the the ultimate goal should always be to bring tangible results for our clients.

In this space, we can share lessons about situations we experienced, talk about prospects in the territories where we operate and share more about opportunities that arise between Brazil and several global markets. We also hope to somehow contribute to stimulate companies from the UK and, in general, from Europe, to consider the possibilities that exist in Brazil. With solid planning and a realistic view, it is possible for various foreign companies to succeed in the Brazilian market.