Bixiga 70: Brazilian instrumental music to dance hits London

brasilobserver - Dec 25 2015
Photo: Nicole Heiniger

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Bixiga 70, from São Paulo, debuts on British soil. Mauricio Fleury, keyboardist and guitarist, talks with Brasil Observer


The year of 2015 was a special one for those who live in London and enjoy good quality Brazilian music – and it seems 2016 will be no different! If this year the city received shows of masters names such as Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil, and from the new generation such as Criolo and Emicida, among others, next year the trend continues, starting with Bixiga 70, from São Paulo, who plays at Rich Mix on 29 January.

Mixing sound influences from Africa and South America, and a spirit that brings us to the unmistakable music of Fela Kuti, the band of ten members, created in 2010, performs in the UK for the first time. And it brings the repertoire of its three albums released so far – the first two in 2011 and 2013, and the latest in September. The latter raised the band’s sound to a new level thanks to the interplay of the group, whose reflection can be noted in the compositions, more collective and identified with the characteristics of each member.

On the eve of Bixiga 70 debut on British soil, keyboardist and guitarist Mauricio Fleury gave an interview to Brasil Observer:



How do you define the sound of Bixiga 70?

Brazilian instrumental music to dance.

How important is the integration between the ten members? Do you already work in automatic or it takes much rehearsal?

The integration is very important – it’s where the sound comes from. It has been improving since the beginning of the band to get a sound that has a strong identity, which is the face of the ten members. We rehearse every Tuesday from the beginning of the band in 2010. We understand each other faster and faster, but still talked a lot and we prepare for each step together.

Does being an instrumental sound cause it to be more accepted outside Brazil or makes ‘internationalization’ harder?

I believe that makes the sound more accessible for those who do not speak Portuguese, for it transcends the barriers of verbal communication.

How do you evaluate the three discs of the band? Do you feel that there has been an evolution in your work? In what sense?

We feel a clear evolution and so we are beating us every album. In many ways: in the form of a more collective composition, where the ideas of each are contemplated, and the search for a unique identity as the sum of these ideas. Our records do not have titles, because we believe that these first three albums are searching for an identity, what means Bixiga 70.

What’s your expectation of London? What audience do you expect?

Regarding the public I still do not know what to expect, but we hope they dance a lot! Our expectation is the best possible, it will be our first time in the UK and we are looking forward to it!


Bixiga 70

Friday 29 January Doors 8pm

Rich Mix

35-47 Bethnal Green Rd,

London E1 6LA

020 7613 7498