Two years and counting

brasilobserver - Nov 13 2015
Photo: Silvino Ferreira Junior/Canal Londres

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This edition marks two years since the launch of the Brasil Observer. Initially fortnightly and circulating monthly since a year ago, we arrive at issue number 33 confident of our relevance and assured to reaffirm what has been our goal from the first line written in this space: to produce and distribute quality content about Brazil to a global audience.

For Brazilians who think globally. For everyone who loves Brazil. This is our motto. Every month, we circulate 10,000 copies through London for the Brazilians who live here and all those English readers interested in our country. Here, we deal and will continue doing so with Brazil we believe through culture, politics, economics and social relations. Always with a global perspective, interpreting Brazil’s position on the world.

It’s not a simple task, but it is necessary. Globalization has paved a previously unimaginable way and, together with the technology changes every day the way we consume information. Monopolies, still present and persistent, now share space – if not financially, on readers attention – with alternative channels that communicate perceptions and experiences previously invisible to the vast majority. The Brasil Observer is part of this context of new media experiences, dialoguing with different audiences and building connections. And the fact that we exist on paper – in a time when the printed newspaper, as well as traditional journalism, is in check – adds an essential component to our history and trajectory: continuation of resistance.

We continue believing in the wisdom and intelligence of the reader, writing on topics relevant to society and treating them with honesty and critical spirit. We continue believing that print journalism is essential to generate an immersive and reflective experience. We continue believing in quality, breathless articles able to develop concepts and create values. We continue believing in Brazil, in our innovative capacity against the commonplace. We continue to believe in journalism, that it shares information in a fundamentally important way.

By completing these two years, we have much to thank our readers, who have made our focus never to be lost with praise, criticism and suggestions. We also thank our team of contributors, always willing to brave a good story and suggest paths to be followed, as well as ideas to be developed and achievements to be celebrated. We also thank our clients for their confidence in our professionalism and ability to deliver results, and our service providers for quality above average.

In the following pages of this edition, as it should be, we bring another round of extremely relevant content regarding Brazil today. We are glad to know that, in the month of our anniversary, one of the main topics on the agenda in the country is feminism. Yes, feminism, a word laden with meaning and that scares many people challenging the existing order, putting the finger on what society believes. It’s also clear that the country continues to move forward despite political irresponsibility.

So we keep moving true to who we are, confident that our relevance and resistance will continue to lead Brasil Observer ahead.