LATA Street Culture Festival debuts presenting Brazilian artists

brasilobserver - Jul 28 2015

Braziliarty and Pigment present LATA, Street Culture Festival brings Graffiti Art outdoor live painting and exhibition, film and workshops to the Red Gallery and walls surrounding one of the most visible corners of Old Street, London.

The first LATA is dedicated to Brazilian artists presenting the work of established talent and promoting aspiring ones. The artists will be painting the walls around Red Gallery between 5th and 8th August, closely interacting with the public, that can also enjoy the exhibition free of charge. There will be the chance to join three workshop sessions with the artists, a film screening of ‘Pixadores’ and a closing party on Saturday night.

The artists taking part in LATA Street Culture Festival 2015: Onesto, Goms, Onio, Waleska, Ananda Nahu and Bunheirão.





5 August – Wednesday

– Live outdoor painting begins


6 August – Thursday

– Live outdoor painting: all day

– Graffiti workshop (14h30 – 17h30) with artist Goms in partnership with Alternative London. LIMITED SPACES, BOOK HERE

– Exhibition (18h – 22h) presenting the work of: Onesto, Goms, Onio, Waleska, Ananda Nahu and Bunheirão + music by Dj Amarall


7 August – Friday

– Live outdoor painting: all day

– Graffiti workshop (14h30 – 17h30) with artist Onesto in partnership with Alternative London. LIMITED SPACES, BOOK HERE

– Film Screening (19h30 – 21h30), ‘Pixadores’, directed by Amir Arsames Escandari. BOOK HERE


8 August – Saturday

– Live outdoor painting: all day

– Graffiti workshop (14h30 – 17h30) with artist Waleska in partnership with Alternative London. LIMITED SPACES, BOOK HERE

– LATA closing party (20h – 2h) with Djs Larissa Schlei (Udigrudi), Selecta (B.Mundo Label) and Jerome Hill plus Red Gallery Arts Club Resident Dj  – £5 Advanced / £7 Door. BOOK HERE




Onesto (Alex Hornest) is a sculptor, painter and multimedia artist painting on the streets since 1994. Known for his ironic characters, his work attempts to “discuss the relationship between cities and their inhabitants”, observing common moments of everyday life and drawing those moments wherever he is. His works are sold and collected by galleries such as Jonathan Levine Gallery in New York, Afro Brazil Museum and the MAC in São Paulo. Alex Hornest is one of the most consistent performers of Brazilian street art.



Thiago “Goms” was born in São Paulo in 1984. Influenced since childhood by São Paulo’s street art, Goms went from his notebooks drawings to concrete walls when he was still a teenager. His anthropomorphic characters are brought to life with a blend of animalistic qualities and human personality. Goms has extensively painted in Brazil and internationally in London, Munich, Milan and Vienna.



Waleska Nomura is an artist originally from São Paulo. A completely self-taught artist, she started her art career painting traditional graffiti letters on the streets of São Paulo and later moved from the streets onto canvas, painting mainly figurative works to begin with. Her project “Spreading the Love and Positive Energy to the World” uses her art to spread the message around London, Brighton, Amsterdam and Brazil.



Onio’s interest for graffiti came up as he was only 13. Skateboarding on the streets of Brasilia street art hit him. It didn’t take long until he started marking the city with his name, becoming one of the first graffiti artists in the Brazilian Capital. He mixes spray techniques with water base paint, and his creative process is free and his colourful abstract drawings represent the urban chaos. Since then, his work gained amplitude and started being shown in galleries and he is currently touring in Europe for residencies and shows in over six cities.



Ananda Nahu was born in 1985 in Juazeiro, Bahia, painting since 2005. She is often making the portrait of black women and music symbols, using the bright colours of Brazil, blending stencil to diverse materials such as traditional fabrics of the North East of Brazil. Ananda exhibits extensively in Brazil and internationally, passing by America, Holland, Germany, France, UK and having many collectors around the world.



Bunheirão was born in Rio de Janeiro and currently lives in London, He began his artistic career studying Fine Arts in Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), following a digital trajectory, although he never forgets the roots of the graffiti form. He took part participated in exhibitions such as ‘MolA at Circo Voador, Rio de Janeiro’, curated by Vagner Do Nascimento and Homegrow in Ipanema. He worked with brands like Cabron, in partnership with Tizil Lima.