Kerala: God’s Own Country

brasilobserver - Apr 18 2015

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Those who take a journey through the wonderful region will be welcomed to paradise


By Ana Beatriz Freccia Rosa*

If God had a home, it would be Kerala, considered one of the most beautiful regions of India, surrounded by waters and coconut trees and with a rich cultural mix.

Located in south-western India, Kerala has one of the country’s highest human development indexes and is one of the safest and cleanest regions to visit. Its 14 districts are intersected by the Great Backwaters channels so wherever you go, you are always be surrounded by beautiful scenery.

Without the fame of the great Mumbai, the temples of Rajasthan or the the Taj Mahal is, Kerala is a region where tourists are welcomed with a great sense of authentic Indian culture. With coconut trees, lakes and rivers, prepare to see magnificent evenings and nature everywhere, and the beautiful smiles of happy people along the way.

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Visiting Kerala brings a fantastic opportunity to be close to nature, taste unique flavours and be reborn in a new India. For those who already know the country and its chaotic and noisy cities, Kerala is the end of the road. It is here that you will enjoy the calm after the chaos, walking on the banks of rivers and lakes or relaxing on the beaches – Kovallam and Cherai are the most famous, but best not dream of cocktails as alcoholic drinks are prohibited here.

For those looking for a unique experience on the water, you can admire the views from a houseboat, hopping on and off to experience local markets, festivals and see the rice fields. When you return the boaters prepare a meal with the fresh market produce. Dinner includes fish, fried bananas, salad with coconut and vegetables cooked with spices and sauces recommended by Ayurvedic medicine.

If you are interested in well being and health, don’t miss the wonderful pharmacies, stacked with natural products. There are also many opportunities to have Ayurvedic massages, created in India that align your doshas and alleviate any problems. Recognised by the WHO (World Health Organization), Ayurveda treats the balance of the individual and not the disease.

There is a lot to see here, from the great natural beauty including the Periyar National Park, to the expansive Munnar tea plantations. The area is also scattered with Hindu temples, Catholic churches or synagogues, relics from Inda’s colonial past. The culture here is a perfect blend of the old continent and Asia, with its colours and various influences. This is especially present in the areas rich food culture, with good coffee and plenty of tea, food made with locally grown spices – and you can do as the locals and try to eat with your hands.

More than all of this, Kerala is full of smiling and happy people awaiting your arrival in any village. Namaskaran.


*Ana Beatriz Freccia Rosa is a journalist and writes her travel stories on the blog The trip to India is at the invitation of Kerala Tourism, the official organ of the region, which awarded 30 travel bloggers from 21 countries in a competition. All expenses were covered by #KeralaBlogExpress project.