Sebastian Ramos and the catwalk

brasilobserver - Mar 18 2015
Photos: Rômulo Seitenfus

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Brazilian designer returns to London Fashion Week and presents a collection based on sensuality and romance


By Rômulo Seitenfus

Love is a bit of a combination of romance and sensuality. Which designer could have a theme like this, unless we’re talking about Sebastian Ramos? The Brazilian designer returned to London Fashion Week in February to present his new collection, showing that his style lives up to the motto of the season.

In his show, Sebastian showed transparencies, lace and flowers to inspire women to squander his eternally romantic side, with a touch of sensuality. French lace and fabric flower-shaped were combined to represent this sensual and romantic duality of the most anticipated season of the year.






The designer was inspired by the parks of London in those days when the flowers are being born and the smell of spring is in the air. “I am delighted by the flowers of London and like to analyse every detail. This collection brings all my floral inspiration. Flowers in London are in my dresses subtly, as part of the details. I tried to reproduce the delicacy and sophistication of buttons and petals, especially the Cherry Blossom”, said Sebastian to Brasil Observer.

On the choice of colours, Sebastian stressed the importance of well-being while wearing. Colours and fabrics appropriate to remember the moment of creation. “The colours have great influence on the temperature. Also can stimulate the humour, the daily life of each person,” argued the designer. The dresses from the collection “Spring Feelings” can be defined in three words: lace, embroidery and transparency. Featuring long and short dresses, the palette ranges from black, ivory, red and soft pink.

Sebastian revealed the secrets of creation and said to be based on the dress contact with the skin of the model. “I seek always choose fabrics that enhance the cut of the dress and women’s bodies. I’ve been around the world studying the tissues that have the perfect trim that accentuate the silhouette. My trick is to always put the cloth on the body of a model, before cutting. Thus the cut is perfect, and in a sophisticated shape.”

For the designer, each step flows naturally in the creation process. “After the inspiration phase and project outline with sketches, shot the measures and then do the cuts. I will create the basis for each measure on the dummy and then I cover the base with jewels and details. The result is what you see on the catwalk.”

Asked about the preparation leading up to the London Fashion Week, the designer said work full time to influence the well-dressed women. He understands that his creations impact on female behaviour and know how to deal with this very well. “The preparation for London Fashion Week is intense. Hours of work and dedication. It is the week in which the designers have the dedication of more than half a year of work. The week shows that fashion is ever more present in daily life, especially in the streets of London, where people are not afraid to use what is being released on the catwalks.”