Vibrant Brazilian Boteco

Ana Toledo - Oct 30 2014

(Leia em Português)

Just as the Brits have their beloved Pubs, the Brazilians have Botecos. For any Brazilian or anyone who’s whiled away an afternoon in a bar in Brazil, a mere mention of a boteco automatically brings to mind the idea of fun and friends, with good conversation and beer on tap.

It’s fair to say Brazil’s botecos offer a little more than two pints of lager and a packet of crisps, as tasty bar snacks are provided and music is played, including some live acts. It’s with this in mind, that the Made in Brasil group have opened the doors of the Made in Brasil Boteco – another genuinely Brazilian establishment to add to the diversity of Camden Town.


With authentic flavours and numerous choices from Brazilian cuisine, the Made in Brasil Boteco offers a wide menu where you can go from traditional dishes including chicken hearts, feijoada, to seafood with a delicious moqueca, and to finish there is a nostalgic delicious dessert – the famous Brigadeiro. All of the dishes are expertly prepared and served with finesse and sophistication.

Great food isn’t the only thing on the agenda here as the new venue will also be hosting live Brazilian music every night.

Even if you think you already know your botecos, this one has a few tricks up its sleeve to delight any Brazilian or gringo, starting with their apple and spiced cinnamon caipirinha. For the caipirinha purists out there, perhaps this combination seems strange, but give it a go – the fantastic flavour combination will surely shake up opinions.


The Made in Brasil Boteco offers a perfect combination with all the right ingredients of a winning boteco: a great atmosphere, good music and tasty snacks all washed down with caipirinhas and excellent service.

For boteco lovers, a visit here is a must. And for those on a budget, the owners have also ensured everything is at an affordable price as you can enjoy three Brazilian tapas (more than enough for for two people) for just £14.50 every day until 8pm and all day and night every Tuesdays. Bigger groups or hungrier people can enjoy five for £24.50. Oh and for just £4.50 you can have the best caipirinhas in London.

For booking or more information please visit: or call 020 7267 4868.