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Cinematic Holiday

brasilobserver - Nov 12 2014
Norwegian documentary Boys Ballet extends far beyond the search of three boys for a place at the Royal Ballet in London (Photo: Divulgation)

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I visited São Paulo’s 38th International Film Festival to learn more about how the world is watching itself, and here I bring my recommendations for the movie connoisseurs

Brazilian moviegoers had nothing to complain about in October. Well, not all Brazilians, it’s true. But those who found themselves in Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo last month could enjoy international film festivals in each city. In my case, the 38th International Film Festival of São Paulo had an extra special flavour because I was on holiday! Nothing better than being able to go from one movie to another in the afternoon, without having those typical concerns of work the next day.

I took my time to see some of the 330 films on display, to learn more about how the world is watching itself and to see the reality through the the directors of classics and new films.

The honouree of this year’s event was the Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar, who earned a retrospective with 15 films on display. But the films that most caught my attention were the Norwegian documentary Ballet Boys, directed by Kenneth Elvebakk and the Brazilian A Despedida (Farewell), directed by Marcelo Galvão.

At first sight, Ballet Boys is a documentary that follows three Norwegian boys who wish to become professional dancers. But in the course of the story, it goes far beyond this to portray an early moment of responsibility, surrounded by doubts about the future in an industry that is still predominantly female.

Farewell, has already made it onto my list of great Brazilian ways of looking and interpreting the world. The film tells the story of Almirante, played by Nelson Xavier, who is 92 years old and feel that the end is near. So he decides to bid farewell to the world and enjoy one last moment of pleasure with his lover Fatima, played by Juliana Paes. Without doubt one of the best films I have seen this year. It’s worth keeping an eye on it because it would not surprise me if the film goes on to be shown in the UK… I hope so indeed!

Besides these two highlights, for the film hunters who follow me here, I would recommend the Greek movie The Blast, by the director Syllas Tzoumerkas, and the two Americans Beautiful Somewhere, directed by Albert Kodagolian and Night Has Settled, by Steve Clark.

To finish, I must remind you that you Brits and Brazilians living in London also do not have any reason to complain! After all, last month you also had the BFI London Film Festival, which is always a big event in the city.

Did you watch any movies at the festival? Tell me how it was at @souricardo and give your recommendations to @brasilobserver.